May 2020: Christopher Henke and Volker F. Wendisch presented bicomer during an economic meeting of the regional branch of the Junior Chamber International as a tandem presentation covering the technological and business perspectives of the bicomer project.

July 04, 2019 - Nadja A. Henke and Bicomer receive Inventor Award
Inventors Dr. Nadja A. Henke, Dr. Petra Peters-Wendisch and Prof. Dr. Volker F. Wendisch have been awarded the Jörg Schwarzbich Inventor Award for their patent on coproduction of carotenoids and amino acids. The Prize has been awarded for the first time. The production concept allows for the simultaneous access to two valuable compounds with relevance for the feed industry: lysine and astaxanthin. Bicomer seeks to apply this technology for the sustainable production of lysine and astaxanthin.

May 2019 - Nadja Alina Henke and Bicomer won first prize at the pitch competition at Biocamp 2019 in Breda, the Netherlands. The competition was part of the specialized business training which was organized by BioBase4SME and held in the cloister of Bovendonk. 19 bio-based start-ups from five countries from north-western europe participated and worked for 6 days on their businesses. The final pitch competition that took place in the chapel of the cloister was evaluated by three venture capitalists. See also on Twitter.